These are not your typical family sessions. No posing and minimal direction from me. My most popular direction during these sessions is usually "pretend I'm not here". The intention is to authentically capture you and your family. I want you to look at the photos and recognize the moments and the people in them as they are without the contrived poses, props and forced smiles. Those types of images are lovely and can be beautiful pieces of art but these images are about  genuine, natural and honest moments. 

Legacy Session FAQS

What is Documentary Session?

Regardless of the collection you select they will all start the same. Once you book collection I will send you a questionnaire to get to know a little bit more about you and your family. Once I receive your completed questionnaire we will schedule a call or coffee to discuss a plan. I can join you guys in the morning and follow your day time routine or I can join your family at the beach for some fun in the sand and ice cream before you head home. The possibilities are endless but you won't be left to figure it out alone.   
On the day of the shoot I'll take a few moments in the beginning to get situated, introduce myself to your family, crack a couple of bad jokes to get everyone comfortable and then start shooting. While you I won't be guiding or posing your family, I will interact with them. I want to become another member of the family for the day and not just a fly on the wall. If at any point a member of the family needs their privacy or just needs a break from the camera, they can just close a door to a room. I won't barge into any closed rooms.  
Following the shoot I will find a favorite moment and post a watermarked sneak peak on my Instagram and Facebook pages for you to share with your friends and family on social media. I will give you an estimate on when you could expect your full gallery (usually 4-6 weeks).   
When your gallery is complete we will schedule a time for me to come to your home and reveal your images. At your Reveal Session you and your family will get to enjoy the day all over again. I will work with you on selecting your favorites and discuss option on how you'd like the displayed in your home, either as prints or in a book. Depending on the products you select I will then give you a timeline on when you can expect your final products. You will then receive a link to your online gallery following the Reveal Session.   

What can I expect?

The beauty of a documentary session is that there isn't to much preparation involved.   
You could clean your house but don't go crazy. Pick up some clutter but the place doesn't need to be immaculate. Just a tidy version of it's natural state.    
Don't over think your wardrobe. If you want to coordinate colors, go for it. If you want to let you toddler run around in just his diaper, moms in her yoga pants and dads in his dirty work jeans, that works too. Dress as your family would normally dress. Sure you can do your hair and make up but keep it natural.  
Make sure you have a discussion with all members of the family about what is happening. Let your older kids know that they are entitled to some privacy and explain the closed door policy. But also encourage them to interact and be open. Younger kids may need constant reminders prior and throughout the session and that is totally ok. Try not to force children to behave or interact in a particular way. Young kids will give us their most honest selves and we want that.   
This session will be an excellent opportunity to have some real family time. Instead of thinking about how you prepare for a photo session consider how you would prepare for a great day with the family. I just get to join you guys for the ride! 
Lastly, I can't stress enough that you are not planning this on your own. If at any point you have questions, ideas or concerns contact me. I am here to make this a great experience for you and your family. 

How Do I Prepare?

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I went to film school where I studied documentary film. I have always been moved by true and extraordinary stories. After some time working in the film/tv industry I moved back to Boston and had the opportunity to teach a youth documentary program. I loved seeing what kids could do with the opportunity to document the realness of their lives and their communities. When a child has an opportunity to let their voice be heard they tend to be honest and raw. The story of their authentic selves and views on the world consistently moved me.   

Why do I chose to shoot Documentary?

Why Should You choose documentary?

Watching a child grow up is like magic to me. Every ordinary day is extraordinary as they learn and develop their way. But every day passes so quickly and they grow up and become more independent. A documentary family session is giving a voice to your child's youth. It is telling a small part of your families story. A story that can only be told by allowing you and your family to be as they are. No props, no backdrops, no photoshop. Just real love & natural emotion.